Commitment to quality

I’m Terenciano, the founder of AFROM, a company that represents my vision and my view of the world. I was born in Equatorial Guinea and educated in Spain, a background that has had a profound effect on my approach to business and life.

I’ve always strived for perfection in everything I do. For me, learning and improvement are constant and fundamental processes. I’m a firm believer in teamwork; the synergies and benefits generated when we work together are invaluable.


-Terenciano Ondo


Born to meet challenges

At AFROM, we encourage cooperation and strive to meet the challenges and objectives we have set ourselves. Discipline, dedication and passion are the cornerstones of our way of working. I’m a committed and determined person, and I don’t set myself any limits. Challenges don’t intimidate me, they drive me.

With AFROM EXPORTACIONES, we have taken an important step forward in our mission. This initiative is not just a business, it’s a way of connecting consumers from different continents, helping them to be happier and experience the integration and cooperation that I consider fundamental in this world.

In short, AFROM is more than a company; it’s an extension of my values, my vision and my commitment to a more integrated and cooperative world. Thank you for being part of this journey!

Total commitment at every stage of the process

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with product selection. Every stage of our process, from harvest to delivery, is carefully monitored to ensure that every customer receives products that not only meet, but exceed their expectations. We believe that quality is the cornerstone of any lasting business relationship, which is why we strive to offer the very best with every delivery.

Exquisite wines

Produced from prestigious appellations d'origine, our wines reflect the excellence of Mediterranean viticulture.

Extra virgin oils

Our cold-pressed oils capture the essence of the Mediterranean with unrivalled purity and freshness.

Top quality meat

We carefully select top-quality meat and fish to guarantee unrivalled flavour and tenderness.

Traditional charcuterie

Delicately crafted, our artisan cured meats offer an explosion of authentic, traditional flavours.

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