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Explore a sensory journey with us. We strive to bring you Europe’s finest products, capturing the culinary essence of iconic regions such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. From traditional drinks to exquisite Iberian hams, oils and other fruits, dairy products, meats, specialist machinery and much more, each item we select tells a story of authenticity and quality.

Exceptional quality beverages

Immerse yourself in the richness of our traditional beverages. From refined wines and champagnes to craft beers, captivating spirits and vibrant soft drinks, every sip tells a unique story. Our catalogue celebrates the diversity and quality of European traditions.

We bring the essence of Mediterranean vineyards, specialist distilleries and craft brewing to your table. Discover the art in every bottle and elevate your moments with our exceptional beverage options, carefully selected for your delight and enjoyment at Afrom.

Nuestros Productos


Traditional drinks

Authentic Mediterranean drinks, a sip of tradition and unrivalled flavour.


Iberian ham and charcuterie

Iberian delights, a feast of intense flavours and refined textures.


Oils and other fruits

Extra virgin oils and exquisite fruits, the Mediterranean essence in every drop.


Dairy and meat products

Top-quality meats and cheeses, freshness and incomparable traditional craftsmanship.


Machinery and other products

Specialist catering machinery for operational excellence.

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